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Look No Further Than the Toyota 4Runner If You're Seeking a True Off-Road Warrior

Within the massively popular SUV segment of today's market, the Toyota 4Runner is a clear standout model. While it may not stand out regarding the latest automotive technology, luxuries and refinement, this rugged SUV model certainly stands out in extremely different ways that mean the most to adventure-chasers and off-roading enthusiasts!


The nameplate of this vehicle loosely translates to '4-Wheel-Drive Off-Road Runner', which sure is appropriate when you discover just how amazingly capable and confident the new 4Runner is when navigating harsh terrain off of the beaten path.

A very competitive starting price tag that dramatically undercuts many similarly-equipped rivals serves to sweeten the deal even further for buyers and our customers. With a starting MSRP of only $34,610, the value of the 2018 4Runner makes this adventurous Toyota SUV even more difficult to resist.

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Whether you opt for the SR5, SR5 Premium, Limited, TRD Off-Road, TRD Off-Road Premium, or the TRD Pro trim level, the 4Runner is simply destined to impress any genuine off-roader who drives it!


Confidently Conquer Rugged Off-Road Trails with the Commanding Toyota 4Runner


There really aren't any SUVs out there that can effortlessly navigate incredibly challenging terrain quite like the 4Runner is so well-know and well-loved for. The bread and butter of this tough Toyota SUV is its abilities to make light-work out of the most challenging of off-road trails. Make your selection between either the part-time 4-Wheel Drive System with Active Traction Control and the even more capable full-time 4WD System with both A-TRAC as well as the locking Torsen® limited-slip differential. Whichever 4-wheel drive system you choose will work alongside with the innovative Multi-Terrain Select feature that optimizes traction based on the precise off-roading conditions that you are experiencing.

On top of all of this, Toyota throws a cutting-edge Kinetic Dynamic Suspension system, a sturdy lever-type transfer case, and even a high-tech Crawl Control feature among others into the mix, so you can take your off-roading abilities with the 4Runner to never-before-seen heights and adventures!

When you take a look under the hood, you'll find that the new Toyota 4Runner is powered by a strong and sophisticated 4.0-liter V6 engine with 270 horsepower and 287 pound-feet of boulder-climbing torque. It can tow too, with a notable trailering capacity of up to 5,000 pounds when properly equipped.

Whether you are off-roading, towing, passing along the highway, or commuting through a busy city, you'll love how the new Toyota 4Runner drives when you're behind the wheel.


Durable Design To Last For Countless of Miles

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The exterior of the 4Runner appears muscular, bulky, strong, and athletic, and that is simply because it is. It is heavily inspired by the design of the Toyota Trekker from the early 1980s, which essentially is a small truck that has a cab right on top of the pickup-bed. This reliable and trusted 'body-on-frame' construction is the very same build that the new Toyota 4Runner still embodies to this very day. Rather than using a single unibody frame that many rival SUVs are designed with, the 4Runner stayed true to its heritage and still boasts the same kind of body-on-frame style. While it may feel slightly more rugged, it sure is worth it when you have such durable off-roading capabilities at your disposal.

When we use descriptive words such as 'reliable' and 'durable' to describe the 4Runner, we honestly are not exaggerating whatsoever. Remarkably, an astounding 90% of all Toyota 4Runner models sold in the last decade are still running smoothly today. While this design indeed is mainly functional, it also looks good too. You know what they say, form follows function, but function just so happens to look very stylish in the case of the new 4Runner.

The 4Runner Has the Comfort & Cargo Needed For Your Adventurous Getaways

When you are gearing up to hit the open road and chase adventure in the wilderness, the Toyota 4Runner will serve you very well as your trustworthy companion, regardless of where the trails may take you. The interior cabin is actually surprisingly refined for such a rugged SUV, but don't expect to be surrounded in luxuries when you take a seat; that's not what this vehicle is about.

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However, the cabin proves to be very versatile, surprisingly spacious, and indeed comfortable too, which certainly are factors that matter the most when you're on an afternoon-long excursion exploring the great unknown. If you'd like, the 4Runner can be equipped with a third-row of seating, in order to accommodate 7 passengers. Combined with up to 88.8 cubic feet of cargo space, the Toyota 4Runner makes things easy and convenient for you, your passengers, and all of your adventurous gear to fit inside this SUV! And with the Entune® App Suite, integrated navigation, and available Bluetooth® connectivity, the new 4Runner keeps you connected whenever you go out for a drive, on paved and unpaved roads alike.


Take a Test-Drive with the Long-Lasting Toyota 4Runner Today

Like we said, there really is no need to look any further than the new 4Runner SUV in your search for a true off-road warrior. Please stop by our showroom soon so you can test-drive it for yourself.

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