Toyota Shock and Strut replacement in Murray, UT

Shock/Strut Replacement at Larry H. Miller Toyota Murray

When your Toyota and its suspension come due for shock and strut replacement, we highly encourage you to schedule a service appointment here at Larry H. Miller Toyota Murray. The shocks and struts of your Toyota's suspension both count among the most crucial components for maintaining alignment and proper adaptability along the rockier roads out there in Utah. As with other Toyota parts, while they last a while, the shocks/struts of your Toyota will require replacement eventually. When the time comes, schedule an appointment at Larry H. Miller Toyota Murray and visit us here in Murray, UT today.

The Difference Between Shocks and Struts

Many drivers may think that shocks and struts essentially serve the same purpose in regulating suspension, but this remains a misconception. The shocks, or shock absorbers, of your suspension use a piston filled with gas or hydraulic fluid, depending on the make and model. As you hit bumps, the shock absorber works to minimize the impact and prevent excessive bouncing or other forms of damage to the suspension.

The struts actually serve a similar function in adapting the car to irregularities the road. However, you cannot use this part interchangeably with a sock absorber as the struts also help to support the weight of the vehicle and unite all of the different components of the suspension into one well-oiled machine.

When to Service and Maintain

Fortunately for many Toyota drivers, the shocks and struts of your suspension will not come due for replacement until around 50,000 to 100,000 miles, assuming you typically adhere to a normal commute. However, if you drive a vehicle known for off-roading, including a Toyota 4Runner or Tacoma, you may wish to consider shock/strut replacement sooner especially if you tend to take to the trails more often. Excessive wear in even the most resilient suspension can cause the shocks/struts to wear out sooner, leading to increased issues further down the road. If you have any questions, make sure you keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs your Toyota needs shock/strut replacement:

  • Excessive bouncing/vibrating
  • Swaying/leaning
  • Front-end diving or rear-end squatting
  • Unusual knocking/other unusual noises
  • Decreased fuel economy

Schedule a Service Appointment Today

When your Toyota needs new shocks/struts for its suspension, we encourage to order new parts or schedule a service appointment online for genuine Toyota parts and dedicated Toyota technicians. Schedule an appointment and visit us today at Larry H. Miller Toyota Murray in Murray, OH. See you soon!


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